Is an Exercise Ball Better Than an Office Chair?

Exercise balls have gained popularity recently as a better alternative to sitting in an office chair all day, but is sitting on an “office ball” better for you and your back than an office chair?

Apparently you’ll black porn burn about 30 more calories a day sitting on a ball instead of a chair, which is almost nothing. You’ll burn about 30 calories in about 10 minutes of walking, or about two minutes of running. Conversely, you’ll consume 30 calories in one Swedish Fish candy.

So I mobile porn know what you’re thinking. Common! 30 calories burned is better than nothing! Unfortunately another study¬†said sitting on a ball instead of a chair causes “more spinal shrinkage” which most of us probably want to avoid.

So at milf porn the end of the day, what should you do? Sit up straight and take breaks where you walk around. Also, use the stairs if you can.

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