Looking Forward to Vitogo 2.0

Vitogo iOS icon

We launched Vitogo 1.0 in January to an exciting amount of coverage from Thrillist.com (and some other great sites) and got a ton of users. It was exciting to see all of you finally using Vitogo after the months that we spent building it. We’ve received some fantastic feedback and have been working hard to implement all of it. It’s exciting work turning your feedback into reality!

The only problem is we can’t do everything instantaneously. So, the past little while, we’ve had our heads down working at a furious pace to build the next great release of the Vitogo iPhone/iPod Touch app and adding some awesome improvements to vitogo.com. We can’t wait to show them to all of you. While it isn’t going to look much different (yet!), it’s going to do everything better. It’s hard to explain, but trust us when we say it’s going to blow your mind how much better Vitogo is going to be. 

So what’s coming? First, version 2.0 is going to run SUBSTANTIALLY faster and smoother than the existing app. But speed doesn’t matter much if the app isn’t doing what you need it to do, which is why we fixed the bugs you’ve been reporting. Your workouts will now sync properly with the website every time, the calories you burn will calculate properly, and when you’re on a new week of your workout you’ll see how much weight you lifted the previous week and be able to properly update the amount of weight you lifted and the number of reps you’ve completed. We’re also really excited about including metric as an input method, so everyone who uses weights measured in kilograms will now be able to use Vitogo without doing an annoying conversion all the time. There are a ton of other awesome fixes and black porn improvements as well! We use Vitogo every day, we’re excited about everything that’s coming in V2.0. Really excited!

This update isn’t just bug fixes though, it’s designed milf porn to make it really easy for us to add new features and improvements. So we’ll be able to add features we’ve been dying to add, like Lose It! integration. We have a huge list of features and improvements we want to get to, so this is a big deal! You’ll be able to look forward to regular updates that constantly make the Vitogo experience more awesome!

Finally, we love feedback and we’re constantly thinking about what we can do to make working out simpler, more engaging, and more fun. So let us know what you think, mobile porn we want to hear it.