Why Aren’t You Squatting!?

Whether you are a casual exerciser or a trained athlete looking to get that competitive edge, squatting is the right exercise for you. Up cartoon porn there in the workout hall of fame with the Dead Lift, the squat is just one of those exercises that hits so many parts of your body, giving you a fantastic workout…with just one exercise. 

                                                                        Olympic Squat

Studies at Duke University found that when done properly, the squat is incredible at building strength and endurance in the quadriceps, milf porn hamstrings and calf muscles but that’s not all! This is where we get a little science-y.

You see, when you work out the energy being used to lift these muscles creates an anabolic environment in which the body begins to release extra testosterone and growth hormone into the bloodstream, maximizing black porn gains made from other exercises you might have done or may do next. In other words, the squat tells your body to use an incredibly large muscle group (your legs and butt as well as your back for stability) which then requires more energy and thus pushes your body into overdrive. 

Now, I am not saying that you only have to do squats to get a big upper body, but it has been proven that those who squat, along with their upper body regimen, can see more gains than those who don’t! 

The squat is one hell of a workout. It hits the glutes, the hamstrings, quads, calves, hips, and back, all while you keep your stomach tight.