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What Does Vitogo Mean Anyway?

The Main Island of Fiji

People have been asking us what Vitogo means and where we got the name, so here is the story. Vitogo is a village on the main Island of Fiji. For us at Vitogo (the company), the name represents the drive and adventure that fuels us. We are sailors and explorers. We love the outdoors and we love adventure. We summit mountains, explore volcanoes, and sail to places you can’t get to any other way. We love the adventure of life and excitement that comes from exploring what is out there in the world. For us, remote pacific islands and how the people got there really encapsulates that sense of exploration and adventure that drives us every day.

Physical fitness is very important to the Vitogo team because it allows us to do the things we enjoy. Being fit makes day to day tasks easier, makes learning new skills and sports easier, makes us feel better and happier, and allows us to do anything we can imagine. We started Vitogo because we saw people all around us struggling with their fitness who didn’t know how to begin to approach their fitness goals. We want to make it easy for anyone to decide to become fit and have the complete tool kit at their disposal.

Fitness is a journey and a lifestyle. We felt that Vitogo best encapsulated that message.  What goals do you want to milf porn achieve through fitness?  Share your stories in the comments below!

Welcome to Vitogo: The Blog Edition

Our team has been working hard on the future of Vitogo, gearing up to launch Version 1 this Fall.  We couldn’t contain our excitement much longer, so we launched this blog to share our ideas, milestones, updates on Vitogo, and most importantly, everything you want to know about health and fitness.

What is mobile porn the Problem we Solve?

It’s no secret that strength training is a crucial component of a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose weight, firm and tone, or just get healthy, strength training (along with proper nutrition and cardiovascular exercise) will help you achieve your fitness goal.

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