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Losing Weight and Keeping it Off!

Healthy Food

According to a New York Times article published yesterday, people who lose more than 10% of their bodyweight burn fewer calories for any given exercise than people who haven’t lost a lot of weight, which is a pretty big shift from conventional thinking that everyone is generally the same.

This means if  you’ve lost a lot of weight, to maintain your new lower weight, you need to consume fewer calories each day than other people who haven’t lost a lot of weight. A realization that kind of sucks. Fortunately, the benefits of regular exercise are still realized, even if your weight loss goals aren’t.

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The 5 Secrets to Looking and Feeling Great!

Achieving your fitness goals can be easy if you just know a few simple things. Were going to break down some of the most important ones right now.

1 Diet: Six pack abs are made in the kitchen not the gym. Diet is the most important part of losing weight. No matter what you do if you don’t burn more calories than you consume most days of the week, you aren’t going to lose weight. If you want six-pack abs, you need a very low body fat percentage and that means eating properly. No amount of crunches are going to give you a six-pack if you still have a layer of fat covering them up, so watch your diet. Try using a calorie counting smart phone app to help you out. We love LoseIt.

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Serving Size – Half a Cracker

Nutrition Facts Label

Pay attention to serving sizes when looking up nutrition facts. Often times serving sizes are smaller than how much you’ll actually eat or drink – like half a bottle of juice. Packaged foods are especially bad about having unrealistic serving sizes on them. Many packaged foods which are clearly designed to be eaten by one person in one sitting will show nutrition facts that say there are two or more servings in the package! So make sure you always check how many servings are in the package before you buy it or eat it to make sure you don’t end up eating more calories than you wanted to.


Monday Morning Fitness Roundup

Good Morning!  Here’s what’s happening in the fitness world today:Rooster

Take a day off, Lance.  For cyclists and other endurance athletes, recovery is key. [LA Times]

Where did I put mobile porn my pitchfork?  Using a larger fork may help you eat less. [TIME]

“You are what you eat!”  Healthy living starts at the grocery store. [WYFF4]

Will training like a pro athlete help you live longer? [The Globe & Mail]

Rev up your metabolism by eating regularly. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Beat the heat! Don’t let the hot weather halt your exercise routine. [Starpress]

Zero-gravity fitness. Exercise’s effect on aging … in Space! [fitbie]

Pouring on the Pounds!

Don't Drink Yourself Fat. NYC Juice Ad

Drinks are an easy way to consume hundreds or even thousands of extra calories a day. A single bottle of juice often contains about 280 calories, or about as many as a small meal. A Venti Peppermint Mocha with whole milk and whipped cream from Starbucks packs an insane 520 calories! That means you are consuming cartoon porn about a quarter of your daily caloric intake in one drink. Think about that. Drinking that drink every day will lead to gaining about a pound of fat a week! Drink water or low calorie drinks, or if you just have to have that Venti Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks, just make sure you compensate for it by eating less somewhere else.

Smash that “more” link to watch a … great New York City anti-high-calorie drinks commercial.
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