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Video Preview!

Our videos have made it though post production from our video shoot last week thanks to the hard work of Scott P Yates Photography. Scott did an amazing job as you can see and we can’t recommend him highly enough!

When you’re able to download the Vitogo iPhone app later this fall, you’ll get a workout program designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, and for every exercise included in your workout program there will be a description of how to do the exercise, photos of someone doing the exercise, and a video of someone doing the exercise.  Above is a preview of the videos you will see in the app. There is another video for you to mobile porn check out after the read more link below, so check it out and let us know what you think in comments below.

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Startup your Fitness with Vitogo

Check out our post on Healthy Startups and learn how you can start your fitness with Vitogo!

Skipping the Gym

Lots of people sign up for gym memberships, but never actually go, and believe it or not, gyms don’t like that. The reality is that a gym member that never goes to the gym is pretty likely to cancel their membership. Some gyms compete with this trend by tricking members into signing long term contracts or by making it really difficult to cancel a membership (Bally Total Fitness makes you mail a cancelation letter to a P.O. Box in California). A big way a lot of gyms try to lure members in is with unique fitness classes designed (and named) more to get you in the door than to deliver actual results.

Fitness classes are successful at bringing people into gyms because they are social, fun, scheduled, and most importantly, directed. Let’s break these down below:

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The Wandering Workout – Cardio


Map of run through Amsterdam

Sweating on an elliptical in a hotel gym probably isn’t what most people have in mind when they take off for vacation. Thankfully, you don’t have to, since there are a ton of other fun ways to fit cardio into your trip. In fact, you might actually find that you end up seeing a side of your destination that other tourists miss, because your run, hike, bike, or paddle takes you off the beaten track.

Try using Runkeeper to track your outdoor activities. Even if you don’t have cellular service where you are, you can still track your route using GPS on your smartphone. You can upload a map of your route as soon as you connect to wifi and share it with all your friends back home. They’ll all be so jealous when they see where you’ve been!

So get out there and go for a run around the city, rent a bike, or find out if there is good hiking in the area. It’s a great way to explore your destination and work in some cardio!

Muscle Imbalances


Muscle imbalances are a major factor in many injuries, particularly for runners. Luckily, strength training is your best defense against muscle imbalances, as long as you follow a few basic principles.

Muscles surround your joints, providing support, stability, and control. A muscle imbalance occurs when a muscle on one side of your joint is stronger than its opposing muscle. This imbalance between a weak muscle and a strong muscle causes your body to overcompensate in ways that can cause injury.

Runners are particularly susceptible to a muscle imbalance between the hamstrings and the quadriceps, which can cause knee pain and strain the ACL. If you are training for a 5K, 10K, half, or full marathon, or just doing a lot of running as your cardio exercise this summer, it is very important to prevent muscle imbalances through strength training.

A proper strength training program will work opposing muscles equally, which can help prevent imbalances from developing in the first place. This is one of the cartoon porn reasons that it is so important to use a program for strength training, rather than just doing random exercises at the gym. While big biceps and pectoral muscles might be important to you, if you neglect your triceps and traps, you will likely develop muscle imbalances that increase the likelihood that you’ll get injured.

An injury milf porn can set your training program back days, weeks, or even months, making it very difficult to achieve your fitness goals. A little prevention can go a long way!