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Keeping Gym Members Motivated through Technology

FitBall Class

Member retention has become a major issue for gyms.  Most US health clubs only maintain around 20-30% of their members from one year to the next.  This creates a revolving door of fitness – Gyms have to work hard to get enough new members to compensate for the ones that are leaving.  The focus has shifted from acquisition based on special cartoon porn offers and price promos to retaining the members that they already have.

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Skipping the Gym

Lots of people sign up for gym memberships, but never actually go, and believe it or not, gyms don’t like that. The reality is that a gym member that never goes to the gym is pretty likely to cancel their membership. Some gyms compete with this trend by tricking members into signing long term contracts or by making it really difficult to cancel a membership (Bally Total Fitness makes you mail a cancelation letter to a P.O. Box in California). A big way a lot of gyms try to lure members in is with unique fitness classes designed (and named) more to get you in the door than to deliver actual results.

Fitness classes are successful at bringing people into gyms because they are social, fun, scheduled, and most importantly, directed. Let’s break these down below:

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Fixing the Fitness Industry

The Ab Lounge SportThere are a lot of fitness scams and sleazy gyms and trainers out there.  Watch mobile porn TV past ten at night and you’ll see all kinds products that claim to make you lose weight, get huge muscles, and look all around great just by doing a few crunches, electrocuting your abs for a few minutes each day, or by simply using special soap.  The fitness industry is worth billions, so inevitably there are going to be people who try to squeeze out a pice of the industry for themselves without adding value. There are always going to be the Ab Lounges and Flex Belts of the world. We can’t do anything about that. What we can do is educate each other about how to properly build muscle and lose weight. You don’t have to know much about fitness to know that anything that promises miracle results won’t deliver them.  More… »