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Why Aren’t You Squatting!?

Whether you are a casual exerciser or a trained athlete looking to get that competitive edge, squatting is the right exercise for you. Up there in the workout hall of fame with the Dead Lift, the squat is just one of those exercises that hits so many parts of your body, giving you a fantastic workout…with just one exercise. 

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Studies at Duke University found that when done properly, the squat is incredible at building strength and endurance in the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles but that’s not all! This is where we get a little science-y.

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How to Dead Lift Like a Champ

When talking about the All-Star exercises out there in the history of treadmills and dumbbells, the Dead Lift is arguably  the best exercise you can do when working out. Out of any exercise or weight lifting technique that you or anyone else knows, the Dead Lift works more muscle per movement than any other exercise - including the beloved squat! From an athlete trying to gain an advantage on the court or field, to someone who just wants to be healthier, the dead lift should not be ignored by anyone. However, with an exercise called the ‘DEAD’ lift, the name is not the most daunting aspect of this exercise. This is one exercise you SHOULD NOT do unless properly ready.


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How Do I Know How Much Weight to Lift?


Everyone is different, so we can’t suggest how much weight to lift the first time you use Vitogo. However, we do tell you how many repetitions you are supposed to do, which will help you determine the appropriate amount of weight to lift. Here’s how:

1) Each exercise in your daily program will tell you how many sets and repetitions to do (For example, 3 sets x 8 reps). The number of recommended repetitions is tailored to your goal.

2) Pick a weight that you think you can safely lift for the recommended number of repetitions (In this case, 8 times).

3) Using the built-in countdown timer, rest for the recommended period between sets.

4) If you are able to easily complete all (or more) of the recommended sets and reps, then you know that you need to increase your weight for next time. If you weren’t able to complete the recommended number of sets and reps, then you should decrease your weight for next time.

5) You should feel tired by the end of your last set. Be safe, but don’t make it too easy! To milf porn see a real benefit from strength training, you need to lift weight that is heavy enough to challenge you. For some exercises, like the bench press, it can be helpful to ask a friend or trainer at the gym to “spot” you. It’s the spotters’ job to help you if you are struggling to lift the weight and to keep you safe during a challenging lift.

6) Vitogo stores the number of repetitions and amount of weight that you do for each exercise, so, the next time you complete that exercise you will remember how much weight to lift.

The History of Bodybuilding [Infographic]

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Change-Up Your Workout to Keep Improving – Avoiding Plateaus

Most of us are familiar with someone who started running and saw great results at first, but eventually kind of hit a wall and stopped seeing the results they had come to expect. Well, that wall is called a plateau, and is a major source of frustration for a lot of people, so lets dive into how to avoid hitting a plateau.

One of the most important thing to remember about exercising is that you need to change what you do periodically in order to continue to see improvements. That goes for all exercise activity. If you run every day at the same pace for the same distance your body will – after about a month or two – adapt to your activity and stop progressing, and can even regress. That’s why it’s critically important to change your workouts periodically. You can change your workout several different ways. The easiest way is to change the activity you do, so for cardio, you can ride a bike one day instead of running. If you want to continue running, you can switch for a few weeks to train for a different type of running, so train for speed or power, instead of training for distance. What’s important is that you change your activity significantly enough to shock your muscles into responding to the change, and continue to surprise your muscles with changes.


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