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Now Available in the App Store!

The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here!  Vitogo is available in the App Store!

Vitogo is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch, so you can bring it to the gym to coach you through every step of your workout. Just like a personal trainer, Vitogo assesses your fitness level and goals to give you a tailored workout program that evolves with you.

We’re very excited to bring you this revolutionary product and we’re hoping that it will help a lot of people achieve their fitness goals. Check out the video below to learn how Vitogo works and head on down to the App Store to download your copy!

There is no way that we could have made this project happen without the enormous effort and support of a lot of people. We’d like to particularly thank Wells Riley. Without Wells, we never would have accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Wells’ inspired design and UI shaped Vitogo and made it better than we could have imagined.

We’d also like to thank Ian Hirschfeld, Nick Pettazzoni, Hugh Guiney, and Raffy Rabin for their countless hours cartoon porn of development work, Connie Chan for designing our sexy trophies, and Patrick Feger for designing our logo.

Special thanks to Laura Jud, the brains behind all the awesome tailored workout programs, and to all of the incredible models – Allie, Nikki, Mark, Adam, and Jill – who appear in the exercise milf porn videos. Thanks too to SNF Fitness for providing the venue, and to Scott Yates, our videographer.

Thanks to our advisor, Jared Stenquist, for providing us with guidance, support, (and hosting)!

You have been an awesome team to work with over the past several months. Thanks again for all your hard work!

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Losing Weight and Keeping it Off!

Healthy Food

According to a New York Times article published yesterday, people who lose more than 10% of their bodyweight burn fewer calories for any given exercise than people who haven’t lost a lot of weight, which is a pretty big shift from conventional thinking that everyone is generally the same.

This means if  you’ve lost a lot of weight, to maintain your new lower weight, you need to consume fewer calories each day than other people who haven’t lost a lot of weight. A realization that kind of sucks. Fortunately, the benefits of regular exercise are still realized, even if your weight loss goals aren’t.

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Fixing the Fitness Industry

The Ab Lounge SportThere are a lot of fitness scams and sleazy gyms and trainers out there.  Watch TV past ten at night and you’ll see all kinds products that claim to make you lose weight, get huge muscles, and look all around great just by doing a few crunches, electrocuting your abs for a few minutes each day, or by simply using special soap.  The fitness industry is worth billions, so inevitably there are going to be people who try to squeeze out a pice of the industry for black porn themselves without adding value. There are always going to be the Ab Lounges and Flex Belts of the world. We can’t do anything about that. What we can do is educate each other about how to properly build muscle and lose weight. You don’t have to know much about fitness to know that anything that promises miracle results won’t deliver them.  More… »

Women’s Strength Training: You Won’t Bulk Up! (Unless You REALLY Want To)

One common misconception that many women have about strength training is that if you start lifting heavy weights, you will wake up one day with arms bigger than your waist.  This is absolutely not true.  Women do not end up looking like bodybuilders unless they spend years working out at a very high volume (usually while using steroids) and eat a LOT of food. Women just don’t have enough testosterone to build muscle mass the same way that men do.  If you work out regularly using heavy weights, you will end up looking leaner and more defined – not bulky.

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Burnin’ Those Calories! Making Cardio Fun Again!

After finishing 30 minutes on a treadmill, I expect to walk out of the gym to find that construction projects have finished and all my friends have aged. 30 minutes on a treadmill feels like years to me, so who can blame you for dreading going to the gym if that is what you have to look forward to? Especially since you’re already busy enough?

But it’s still important to work cardio into your exercise program.  You’re never going to reach and maintain your goals if you hate the physical activity you do.  Here are some fun ways to get exercise and burn calories.

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